Product Development
Are you the person who looks at everything with an eye of "how could I make this better" and then you do just that? Then our team of innovative Product Developers is the place for you.
Creative Services
Do you turn creative ideas into beautiful masterpieces with your Adobe prowess? The Graphic Design Team's creative lab may be just the place for you.
Is your love of Nite Ize products infectious? Do you speak "sales lingo" and do margin calculations in your sleep? Then the hard-hitting, fast-paced Nite Ize Sales force is the team for you.
Feeling creative? Collaborative? Excited? Does the idea of bringing awareness of the brand we love to the masses make you want to hit the drawing board? Then the cutting edge Marketing Team here is the one for you.
Is your background in procurement or are you a natural problem solver who likes to track down solutions? The Nite Ize Procurement Team keeps Nite Ize in stock and keeps production on the move.
Customer Care
Do you like to make people happy? Because that's what our Customer Care Team loves to do - we want our customers to be satisfied with their Nite Ize products 100% of the time.
Distribution Center
Are you organized? Do you like to see things run on schedule? Then you may be just the right addition to our Distribution Team.
Who doesn't like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with building something great? That's what our Production Team focuses on - building innovative solution-based products for our customers.
Internal Support
Do you like working with other people? Are you fueled by interaction and working in ways to support your peers? You may find your new happy work home on one of our IT, HR, or Accounting Teams.

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